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Save Youtube Vids into editable AVI files or add to iPod mp4

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**NOTE Audio/Video Sync
Some people are saying they're noticing problems with audio sync when using the xvid codec. You can use mpeg4 (divx), h.xxx, or the windows media codec. All of them will upload fine to youtube. CBR for audio is probably better but it seems to crash.

Learn how to save youtube's FLV files and turn them into editable AVI, wmv files that you can edit with movie maker or your favorite video editing software. You can use this to create video responses to your favorite youtube personalities by cutting direct video quotes from their video.

user MiscellaneousP writes:
"to download from youtube you can use this firefox link as well: http://video.qooqle.jp/dl/?url=%s. Just type in the keyword for it before the code in a youtube video url such as "S7s3c1OZiHs" in "

You can also convert to mp4 to add to your ipod.

Here's another cool downloading program I found


You can also try to use online converters like

Here are some user recommended sites



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