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Wireshark tutorial: find yt flv file. See Vid Description.

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Instructions & Additional Information

The easyway:

user boyfriendable recommends

sticksquash says the download helper firefox extension still works

wasserbrunner says these sites still work


MiscellaneousP says you can use the address
then just attach the video ID at the end.

powerups151 says


Ok lol, I'll let you check the comments for more recommendations or this list will be insanely long.

Either way wireshark is a good program to know how to use so don't dismiss this program too quickly.



If the icon on x.html doesn't change:
go to any folder go to view - folder options - view - and uncheck the box that says hide extension for known file types.

I usually delete the video after I upload it to youtube so If I want to be able to share my videos on other sites or share my old videos with friends its convenient to get the flv location.

This is sort of an advanced tutorial so I doubt a whole lot of people will be able to understand it well, but it's worth it if you want to save time not screen capturing as an alternative.

Let me know which sites still work.


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