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About Jimmy Ruska: FAQ

FAQ Video

What the heck is subscribing?

You get updates on the youtube frontpage if you're subscribed to my channel. It costs nothing and helps the channel grow.

Is there any way I can help?

You can make video responses to my videos with corrections or additional info. Commenting and rating the latest videos helps get more honors. It always helps if you link this page on your site/blog/myspace and share my vids with your friends.

Who are you?

I'm 22, male, live in Texas.

What is this page?

You can request video tutorials for me to make and post on youtube. Normally I reference JimmyR.com in my videos but it's better to point to a site that's only about my video tutorials, otherwise I just confused people like I've been doing =). I always wanted to make digg-style ajax site.

So if I post a request will you make a video?

If enough people want the same tutorial I will likely make a video. Once I do I'll change the video status to accepted. I will reject requests if I've already made a video about the requested subject or if too many other tutorials about that exist. Please be specific instead of teach me python or some other programming language. Learning an entire language is not possible in one video =P.

You randomly Pick and Choose

Well I can't make 1 video on learning photoshop, gimp, php, html etc. People request complicated stuff that require multiple videos. If I find a high voted request that I explain in one video I accept that request first.

Can I post your video on other video communities?

Go ahead as long as you attribute jimmyr.com

Can you add the option to add comments to threads?

Maybe in the future. I was originally planning to but I also value not requiring registration on this site, because registration is annoying. If I enable comments I have to enable people to be able to post links, but that also opens the door to spammers. If I add the ability for people to add comments I'd probably have to moderate it from spammers and crazy people from youtube.

Can you send me playstation emulator bios and give me direct rom iso downloads?

OMFG quit asking! Use torrents or something, I have video tutorials on torrents under the p2p section. A $160/month dedicated server with a 10mbit connection divided into just 500 people downloading would give you like 2.4kb/s down. Quit blaming torrents, learn to portforward and stop whinning.

Where did you learn all this stuff?

I learned absolutely everything I know from watching JimmyRcom video tutorials.

Why are your pages so simple?

I like simple layouts better. If you look at websites made by little kids compared to adults kids like super bright colors and tend to use animated backgrounds and all the html tags in existence. With age the desire just to have the content and simplicity with no fluff increases. Also programmers tend to be terrible layout designers. We're so happy our program is finally finish and we wing it on external design. I did make some graphical layouts in the past though.

OMG I need computer help add me to MSN!


Where can I get help with a Windows Vista Problem?

This site comprehensively answers all windows vista issues. It also details getting the PS2 bios, getting pcsx2 to run ultra fast.

You mentioned program x in your video, where can I download it?

Ask google.

Program X is not working it gives me the error X!!!

I just searched in google for that exact problem and found 400 quintillion results.

Why do you hate AOL speak

People with aol speak usually don't know much about computers, are very young, and ask silly stuff like "OMG someone haxxor me, I need to haxxor them back help be haxor!" or "send me the full movie/game X, my msn is retard@aol.com" or "teach me java I want make simple game likk runescapes"

What do you look like?

Jimmy Ruska

Where do you host your website? Is it free? Where can I download the youtube api?

I pay $170 a month for a unmanaged dedicated server from server beach. I use custom code rather than open source stuff that tends to be exploited a every few months by google script kiddies, and yes I also pay for my domains =P. Youtube has a link to their API but it's not what you expect.

1. Where can I download more ram?

-_- ... just one of many crazy questions people often ask. 2. How long will it take to download x program? 3. Give me your computer specs! 4. Please send me a 4.5 gigabyte iso, I'm not allowed to use torrents so email it to me retard@hotmail.com . 5. Ok my computer is having problem x and you seem like you know computers well so help me asap.

What do you use to screen capture your videos

Camstudio. It's free. Enable autopan for it to follow the mouse.

You mentioned program: firefox, pcsx2, vlc player, camstudio, etc. I have problem X and it's not working please help!

I do not provide tech support for any of the programs I review nor will I take time trying to convince you that its better than some random program you know that does similar tasks.