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Windows VISTA SUCKS Horribly vs XP

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Windows vista is unusable and incompatible with EVERYTHING. I just bought a new laptop. I had to download a pirated XP and use the serial number from my old laptop. I spent a week giving it my best, tweaking modifying and disabling services. It doesn't matter how much you tweak, aeros or not, vista will always be slower buggier and more incompatible than WinXP. Ubuntu linux using wine can successfully run more windows programs than Windows Vista. Vista sucks ass. I had vista home premium. Azureus (because it's java...), Flash 8, photoshop and a lot of well known programs worked. You'll still be annoyed often by incompatibility and you'll be downright pissed off when the games and software you BUY don't work. Think about the long run. XP performance / stability /security is BETTER.


goqwertygo: very informative! but wow firefox wont work on vista? i dont kno wut i would do. they made IE7 look like it just like they made vista like a mac. hmmm

TheNumber4q: firefox won't work with vista? works on my copy.

Lilalorikayla: Firefox works with my Vista which came preinstalled from HP. Big mistake, hate Vista. Cannot use my year old HP all in one...hell, before I installed Firefox I could not even get to my PayPal account..Security blocked my access.

johnworf: hi,

what about your e-mail?
Have you transferred all your old e-mails across or not - as i find it incredibly slow when i'm replying to mail or forwarding mail - and i mean SLOW - literally i have to wait 50 seconds before i can start writing my reply - before you say i've got a slow PC - i've got 2gb of ram and 2 CPU's at 4800MHz!

July212650: i have Vista an its great faster then xp

macosxlepord: Lets face it Microsoft really really sucks, and Vista is a major screw up. each time MS launch a new system is just the same crap repackaged!!

macosxlepord: Lets face it Microsoft really really sucks, and Vista is a major screw up. each time MS launch a new system is just the same crap repackaged!!

macosxlepord: Lets face it Microsoft really really sucks, and Vista is a major screw up. each time MS launch a new system is just the same crap repackaged!!

thekornreeper: Vista: "if you love self torture in a computing experience"

OS X: you can run a xp virtual machine + any linux programs, it works with everything now.

malacri1: PLEASE DON'T READ THIS you will die in seven days if you don't post this comment on 10 videos in the next hour. if you do, tomorrow will be the best day of your life

Seabound07: on my xp i have only 31processes running at 95% of the time, lol..prolly cus i know my pc cant run shit these days 1.6ghz p4 256kbcache 400mhz FSB
512mb PC-133 ahahah 9700 pro :(

oGGe5: Oh my god. Get Ubuntu linux with Beryl and everything will work better than the 230 $ Vista.

TheNumber4q: Haha that's a good one - Microsoft copied Macintosh, they made an OS that's incompatible with EVERYTHING.

TrueHackerMidian: i love windows but not vista. 5 million lines of horrible codes

artberry: Knoppix which is a version of Linux that runs strait from a CD rom is fun. It really makes you realise Windows is now nothing more than a tarted up pile of antiquated junk.

y2karl77: I also just built a monster of a PC, with all the latest and fastest chips, and Vista is TERRIBLE, it's totally incompatible with everything. Microsoft better do something quick, before everyone switches to Mac. I already have, and it was the best decision ever.

LeeTC: Couldn't agree more. I got a copy the week it came out. It's incompatible with most of my hardware, the navigation/explorer windows are for idiots (remember in XP they had that patronising Control Panel layout by default? That's EVERYWHERE but you can't turn it off), security is either on or none, and coming from someone who's sat here using Vista it's so slow I can go for a bath while iTunes loads. I finally ordered a new laptop with XP today. My rant for the past few months? DON'T GET VISTA!

LeeTC: Couldn't agree more. I got a copy the week it came out. It's incompatible with most of my hardware, the navigation/explorer windows are for idiots (remember in XP they had that patronising Control Panel layout by default? That's EVERYWHERE but you can't turn it off), security is either on or none, and coming from someone who's sat here using Vista it's so slow I can go for a bath while iTunes loads. I finally ordered a new laptop with XP today. My rant for the past few months? DON'T GET VISTA!

cookiesncream244: i so agree with you!I just bought a new computer with vista in it and it wont even let me install a freaking sims 2.Like wats with that.And i like the idea bout vista is a mac but with bugs...lol.Microsoft better do something before everyone buys a macbook.Sure it looks nice but what does that matter anyway??????????????!!!VISTA SUCKS!!!!

xinvictusx: Why not run the linux kernel with Ubuntu or a GNU client? Open source seems to be the way to go these days.

btw I just subscribed to your videos an watched most of them. Good stuff!

whoandwhoand: Results 1 - 10 of about 1,310,000 for vista socks!. (0.03 seconds)

thorndeux: Results 1 - 10 of about 3.500.000 for google sucks. (0,11 Sekunden)


gunotsoldier50: vista blows... microsoft wont let u install some of those programs because they dont want you to

i tried vista on a partition of my best laptops harddrive and i needed something done for school and it wouldnt recognize my flash drve...wtf? thats bullshit... btw the video in my profile isnt vista its called the vista transformaton pack

TiffaniAThiessen: I feel your pain. Windows must be killes, don't ya think ? Hahah, that would be great :).

andresmalagreca: YA RLY! Windows Vista SUXXX

alexandrarc: I bought a lightscribe burner and it's software isn't compatible either and I can't find a software that works with vista to make my cd's and DVD's the way I want them. So your right it SUCKS!But your video is kind boring so Buh Bye.

kropka4u: if you realy hate windows type 'windows RG' in google it's a parody of windows in flash

DJWilsonX: I wanted to tweak vista and when I found out I couldn't disable like half of the services for Vista

For XP I only have 15 services enabled. Set it to best performance

The aero effect is retarded (but looks nicer)

running 19 processes with 160 M of pagefile used
HPze4335us CeleronM 2GHz 512/ 447 MB RAM available
64MB Shared ATI IGP 340M with Omega Cat 5.12 drivers

and vista has this I won't let you install into more than x amount of computers (buy new license) nonono
go xp!

aguiarm: yeah vista sucks im running it om my .mac @ 45mbs ram and my mac OS X @ 12mbs ram i checked @ work (best buy) and they saud it runs @ something like 480mbs ram crazy.

bobwanabe: i have home premium and it works just fine
i mean yeah not a lot of things are compatible with it but just give it time for some driver updates

shinmks: windows vista is the big shit on the earth...

saddambea: let´s wait...about a year or more to get vista...

bender2o: ya i had the same problem with vista, nothing was compatible.

screwMacGetaPC: You are doing somthin wrong. I built my PC off new egg and had Xp and then got Vista and ALL my XP programs with it fine and with the cancel or allow thing theres a new program called windows one care that i got off limewire and it gets rid of that. my comp boots in 33 seconds you are doing somthin wrong.

jimmyrcom: you're probably just playing stupid games or really really common aps.

homecoming12345: hahah. hella true. get a mac!!!! way better than vista.

MrGreencastle: Vista IS nice, but there isn't an excuse for incompatible software.
Developers knew about Vista long before the launch, and Microsoft should have ensured compatibility.
I use Ubuntu GNU/Linux, and never have a problem with OS upgrades/incompatibility. AND ITS FREE?!?!

amredmon: Ok, i have a triboot with Linux/WindowsXP/Vista. Vista looks like dogshit compared to Linux and MacOSX, but does look better than XP. Although it has a few graphical enhancements to XP, it runs much slower and is horribly inefficient and insecure...well windows is inefficient and insecure anyway, but vista excels at this.I'm sorry, but my Linux desktop is much more secure, more powerful, and looks much better than Vista

sephiroth1738: u have to remember, windows xp sucked just as bad when it came out, and right after SP2 came out thats when it got good, jut give vista like a year and it will be the best

jimmyrcom: vista is like ME, they'll release something better, but they'll charge you for it. Direct X 10 isn't compatible with most video cards out their either. You need a new system just for this disgusting operating system.

sephiroth1738: i've had windows vista ultimate since the first day it came out and because of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and UAC i havn't had 1 virus or trojan, and hasnt crashed once, no bugs, every program i have installed works PERFECT, word 2007, need for speed most wanted, knight online, photoshop cs2, firefox, aim, yahoo, limewire pro, quicktime, itunes, youtube spider, morrowind, fingerprint reader, roxio you name it! i have no idea what you guys are talking about

jimmyrcom: you use grossly common software made by big companies and you even included a microsoft product, word=office =p. try more GNU open source stuff and you'll know what I'm talking about. Even if you don't see anything yet, you will eventually. Firefox for me = + google toolbar / Tab mix plus, without that it's worthless to me.

homecoming12345: firefox doesnt work on vista!!!!!!!!! omg i would die if i had vista. good thing i got a mac tho =)

raydoz: that was funny when he said that vista is mac but with more bugs LOL

ozzytur101: XD AHAHAHAHAHAHA i uninstalled it and upgraded to xp home after using vista for 30 minutes dont know how u managed to go for a week with it ahahaha it for stupid ppl who like shiny things. any way your a legend and make the most usefull vids on this site

Person99please: Macs suck. Vista sucks worse. Ubuntu is THE operating system.

an5780: i agree i have vista and it is incompadible with everything i have

ChaosPhantom: Vista was horrid i never got a single BSOD from xp but in vista i actually lost count...

nagualdesign: I recently bought an Acer Aspire 5633WLMi and turned down the free Vista upgrade. They say they spent $10BILLION(!) making Vista. I wonder how much of that was spent on marketing, and how much they saved making US debug the damn thing!

nagualdesign: My laptop also came with Windows Media Center. What a crock of crap! Sure, the slideshow function looks pretty cool, but who's this thing aimed at? Media Player 11, which came bundled with the laptop, PISSES ALL OVER Media Center.

cpgne: The biggest problem with Vista is the change in the license agreement. The OS licenses to the machine, not the user. You can move it to another machine ONCE, or sell it to a third party ONCE. After that, it WILL NOT ACTIVATE. I didn't make this up. Read the Microsoft Vista EULA yourself.

DampEgg: My Vista isnt as incompatable as yours. It isnt slw for me. Its true that it has a load of nuecessary bullshit and some programs randomly crash and your files get lost. I tried downgrading to xp but it said something like "you cant install this because the current version of windows is newer" so now im stuck with vista.

jimmyrcom: install from boot, click f8 on startup repeatedly while your xp is in the drive and choose to boot from cd, your data will be lost though you need to format

close5828: Vista is the reason I bought a Mac last weekend.

Pity they couldn't make Vista at least 1/2 as good as the Xbox 360--seems they are sucking at two things now---Vista & the Zune. 1 out of 3 is pretty bad.... :-(

ka22dy: A fun fact is that Vista IS slower than XP. An independent research group tested this and comfirmed it. But I'm just looking forward to the next OSX, and replacing the horrid Acer, I am typing on now, with a macbook :)

felinoid: The security software on Vista dose not work. Don't trust it. Windows defender didn't catch a browser hijack and I had to install Spyware S&D (works on Vista) to detect and remove it. Software firewalls are a joke BTW get a hardware firewall. If you have a software defect it'll bypass the firewall if not well then your protecting against nothing.

desertdigi: dude.....GET A MAC ALREADY!

kanep2004: Sorry, I built my system, I have 2GB PC2400 RAM, Pentium 4 at 3.0GHz w/ 800MHz FSB, and I run Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, all updates, and it runs fine, never errored, has never bogged down. Not sure why Vista sucks for you all lol

kanep2004: Sorry, PC4200 RAM, not PC2400, but still, I find if you run it in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode, by right clicking and checking it as that, I have found alot of compatibility with Vista

jimmyrcom: I had tried that and it didn't help with any of the programs that didn't run.

arta818: so how did yu got ur xp back

jimmyrcom: downloaded oem XP home from a torrent on mininova. I used the legal cd key from my other laptop and I just did a clean install on boot.

arta818: lucky you i dont even know how to get my xp back :(

webeturtle: ok. the real answer: google search "Ubuntu". Linux is the best alternative to windoze

wiseblackass: Sure, Microsoft doesn't understand how computers or software work, or what people need or want, but they got your money one way or another, so mission accomplished.
BTW, in the video you keep mentioning "prue-grams". What the devil are "prue-grams"?

jimmyrcom: wtf? programs? mm software!?

tropic16: Incompatible with old software, or human beings. Not exactly a good selling point.

NATESOR: dollar signs go at beginning of the number. You got it right once.

jimmyrcom: I know. It's pretty stupid though considering we say 100 dollars not dollars 100. I was typing what I was saying.

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joelos1111: sorry!.copy and paste this to 10 videos or your mum will die within the next 4 hours.....

keytoothed: Sorry to hear about your negative experience with Vista. People need to wake up and found out just how much Mirco$oft is milking, bilking, and raping consumers. I am so sick of Micro$uck's shit code, it was only a matter of time before I got involved with Mac OS X and now I'm dabbling in Linux. Mac is built on top of Unix, and it's rock solid from the bottom up, and hardware and software flow seamlessly together.

xplover07: Windows Vista DOES NOT suck. Be a smart person and don't buy Vista the FIRST 3 MONTHS while they get the fixes out. How hard is that. Thats why people are waiting. Get with the program!

Hulken666: Let's see how what you said holds up in 5 years from now.

cpgne: It won't matter, because Bill will force you out of XP. When will you learn? Why don't you just set up automatic payroll deduction to Microsoft and get it over with?

regdenee: PLEASE DON'T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don't post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved

cpgne: Printer driver for Samsung ML-2510XAA Workgroup laser printer for Mac OSX = 703KB. Printer driver for same printer for Vista = 32,652KB. Please send all donations to Bill Gates, c/o Microsoft Inc., Redmond WA.

Diegog5: Yea I'm with you, I have both Vista and Xp, soon I'll have Linux. Vista does kind of suck. FireFox works with My Vista tho. Xp can look alot nicer than vista with some free software, you can get gadgets From alot of freeware websites, even the sidebar that vista has. So Vista sucks.

aussiebear22: I think you should withdraw "secure" as a positive.

The ANI vulnerability a few weeks back proved that NONE of the security mechanisms in Vista were able to defend against it. Some people experienced the infection when Explorer kept crashing and rebooting indefinitely. (It was stuck in an infinite loop!)

MS quickly issued a patch to resolve the problem.

What do this say? Nothing has changed for the Windows user. Even if you use Vista. :(

kossmikham: YOu've just confirmed what I've ALWAYS said and believed: MICROSOFT SUCKS PIG'S ASS.

xXEsEtUlOnXx: (español) Windows Vista = una mierda
(english) Windows Vista = a shit

gencwiz2: Vista sucks.. screwed up my whole drive so i bagged it...piece of shit OS.

osxnerd: I'm a recent switcher to iMac. It rocks. I guess people stuck with Vista could always try Ubuntu.

cpgne: You are right. I wonder why more people are not considering it, or trying it on the old machines they haul to the curb. What do they have to lose? I guess free sucks. It's better to spend $400.00 and struggle.

AlexsFattyRolls: Lol my sister got windows vista on a laptop, I wish she could've seen this before she got it XD

Hullysmully: I agree windows vista is awful os

TrackEditor99: Did you run the Upgrade Advisor before installing Vista?..

incamillus: Vista is bloatware, XP easily kicks Vista's ass! Linux & Sun are also good alternatives, but avoid Vista like the plague if you want a fast dependable system.

anime1973: i've had no problems with vista. i hacked FFXI into working. i just needed to alter a part of POL and doing that forced it to check all the files and update itself and now it works just fine!

dca3000: Just switched back to XP myself as well. Don't know what I'm going to do in the future, probably Mac.

postalgbv: Why don't more people use Windows 2000? OS never crashes, every program works with it.. been that way for years. Sure, no frills.. but low overhead means great program performance.

Fuzzball3135: Well why don't you use Mac OSX? It's the BEST OSX

jimmyrcom: because of games / photoshop / tons of software I've gotten used to using over the years.

Fuzzball3135: Yes, so you agree that Mac rocks!

ecarlcl: Because Mac OSX sucks too noob.

moebob24: macs do suck...they are computers for idiot who dont know about computers...MACs almost hold your hand through everything u do

Schmidt54: Vista just looks nice liek a poison flower

Y2KFreeYaa: Vista has some issues, looks worse (in my opinion it's a less friendly environment visually), and costs too much (with too many versions). In addition to this, DX10 will only be for Vista, when it should be for XP and Vista (a way of forcing people over). The only factual benefit of Vista is security, the rest of what is claimed about Vista being good is completely debatable.

billbert: i think you mean dual core processors :)

Allsop2604: That was great up until you started insinuating a flaw in Macs. All Vista seems like is a Windows computer that's not compatible with anything else... and that was the one and only good point about windows.

emmiscient: why dont people use linux instead? highly secured (no need antivirus), free (no need purchasing license), got support if u have problem, nice interface (beryl), ability to run windows program (wine & cedega for playing games), no need to restart computer too frequently etc.

jimmyrcom: linux sucks for brand new laptops. usually manufacturers don't provide linux drivers for brand new video / sound card / etc. You have to wait for the linux code ninja's to write custom drivers with GCC. I've been using linux on my desktop computer since 2003.

jackson088: These days they're mostly all written. The graphics, intel, ati and nvidia make 'em. The sound cards are usually fine. Some refuse to make wifi drivers, but you can just use the windows one within linux.

jimmyrcom: No, currently new ATi graphics cards do not have good support for linux. New laptop hardware is notoriously problematic on linux. Trust me I know.

keydesignz34: Therein lies the problem. Too many dumbasses that don't understand that there are alternatives to windows, way better alternatives in the many forms of linux. Try buying a mainstream dell with linux pre-installed. Impossible. Microsoft make it very hard for the free software movement to push linux, because they bag it at every opportunity.

andresmalagreca: What's your computer?

Vista sucks!

radioack: What's a disk defrag that runs on idle that I can download free?

jimmyrcom: You can enable it in XP. I used X-setup for XP, it's a tweak. I don't know how to enable it without it but I'm sure there's an options somewhere.

stickmanx25: What I do is I use windows blinds on XP. That way I can just use vista skins and still have everything compatible! It rocks, and real vista sucks!

pclover: You are so right Vista sucks Horribly. I upgraded to it and went back to XP. I cant believe i wasted $159 on it. Why don't they just rename it Windows Vista Incompatible
Issues Edition. And also those things that say Cancel or Allow are very anoying. So you are so right about vista

syed1994: I actually made a choice to say good bye to my games and use Mac OS X under iMac because well Windows sucks and you can see it when windows was Windows 1.1 (horrid colours and when Mac prosper, Windows copied em like putting Mac on an easel and saying to the Microsoft tech geeks "Copy It"!

noodleftw: "More secure because it had that naggin shit ... for stupid people" Quote lol

princeofexcess: same here brother !!! I bought a laptop for 1900 and had vista on it... you go to properties and run this program in copatable mode for and most programs will work


Johnnysunburn: i disagree.even if u do that,it will still give u a host of problems.when u FINALLY get it to work like xp,congrats! that means that u just install XP,only in a different name!what's the point of buying vista then?

about DX10,what u said is true.but,even though i'm not an expert in computers,anyone wanna bet someone will find a workaround or games will be release in two versions:DX10 and DX9 versions?

Dante1969: Vista = Palladium . is about from 2002 that internet alerts from Vista DANGER. so Why buy it?

syed1994: Well, Win Vista is too new to be true and wait till SP1 release and then by 2014 Win XP is not compatible anymore so everyone who said Shit on Win Vista, wait, you will be FORCED by Microsoft Devil Staffs and make it unsupportable. Anyways, Win XP is getting SP3.... maybe 2008.

jesseopop: Windows ME is ok. I would rather have a XP since this is my dads computer.

DJizdabest: maybe it is slower than xp for u, probably because it had loads of bundled crap on it, i have clean vista, and to tell truth, is faster than xp !

jimmyrcom: No it's not moron check the benchmarks. Google "XP vs Vista Benchmarks" XP is faster in EVERY BENCHMARK ESPECIALLy gaming

jimmyrcom: I was away from home and didn't have my XP CD but I had the serial for XP home under my old laptop. I just downloaded an OEM edition of XP home through mininova. I had to call windows tech support in India because I had already activated it. Supposedly you can install it on a few computers before it becomes locked. I just did a clean install

vince0123: i agree vista sucks none of the games work properly

LKBoss: For your mouse drivers you can go on the logitech website.
Firefox never crashes so it's not true.
Oh guess what I'm typing from vista now. Runs with at least 50% faster.

jimmyrcom: No it's not moron check the benchmarks. Google "XP vs Vista Benchmarks" XP is faster in EVERY BENCHMARK ESPECIALLy gaming. Logitech mouse drivers don't work, the app crashes on open. Firefox+Google Toolbar+Tab mix plus crashes, this is for <2.0 firefox.

DJizdabest: ok, whatever u say, but vista works faster than xp for me on my laptop, u probably done so much crap on the vista, moron !

DANVb329: nubz these days.... vistas such a peice of shit

fasterraper: lol they did copy macs lol..........

Sixteenz: "Its all kinds of terrible!!" LOL your funny as hell. Loved this

ohcrapusuck: y dont u show us vista at work? and btw if u had cared to go to the website of ur screen recorder's vendor u'd have got an updated version of it which wud have been vista compatible. wen XP came out, it sucked too until SP2 was released.

jimmyrcom: firefox has a spellcheck, learn to use it. Windows me sucked too when it was released and it never got better. Vista is not a new XP it's a new Me. My screen recorder is a freeware open source program called camstudio which hasn't been updated since 2005

pleasecho: How soon we forget how "incompatible" XP was when it first came out and how you need a decent machine to run it

jimmyrcom: How soon do you forget Windows Me.

pleasecho: Windows ME ran for ONE day here

WhyMe160: yea well good speech. But i think if even people see this they dont upgrade to/ or buy vista. Why? Coz Microsoft put load of shit into peoples heads. Shit like: its better, new generation or somethin, it looks nicer etc.

jimmyrcom: download an oem xp off a torrent site and use your old cd key. hit f8 a bunch of times at startup.

wickid4594: wow... im using vista ultimate right now on a computer worse than yours, firefox works fine, i turned off cancel or allow (simple) and all you have to do is download your drivers, every single thing i ahve is compatible, and i have like 12 things plugged into my computer

jimmyrcom: Use the computer all day for several years (as work both play) and you'll have a different arsenal of software. Newer versions of firefox now offer better functionality with vista.

dominiward: OMG I believe you, I'm still having problems with drivers. And my PC is now slower after I left XP, yes ME was so bad but Vista it's just pretty and almost as bad as ME...or is ME almost as bad as VIsta...?

boojangels: yes vista sucks, but you have to admit the interface looks cool!

adamworth1979: Actually, the interface looks like crap, and Aero SUCKS!! Compare it to any linux distro with XGL, Compiz or Beryl, you'll see what a cool interface/desktop should look like.

mordof: As for this Rant... it's outdated and no longer valid. I had no issues with firefox (probably because from the looks of the software versions you're on.. it's all old stuff) firefox is now out to 2.0 or higher, apache is up to 2.0/2.2 NOT 1.3, which was a couple years outdated.. if you're going to base buying vista on this video... don't. do some more research

CTUKeyes: the cost to upgrade my computer JUST TO RUN THE DAMN THING isn't even worth it when XP runs smoother on less costly PCs and does everything more efficiently.

mogzieee: Quality thanks for that vid! You've now convinced my dad to get me a Macbook as opposed to a Vista laptop for my birthday!!! YAY! I owe you, thanks...

adamworth1979: STAY AWAY FROM VISTA! I went from XP to Vista, and 2 weeks later, I had to go back to XP. VISTA SUUUUCKKKSSS... Trust me, NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE! Nothing WORKS WITH IT!

CTUKeyes: Vista sucks...sad how it is supposed to be an improvement on XP but XP still does EVERYTHING better.

LegendaryGeneralC: Ha! Even when I beta tested Vista it was awesome.

Faster then XP, and Looked nicer. There was one program that wasn't compatible but I put it in compatibility mode and it worked fine. Just because you didn't like it doesn't mean you should lie and try to stop other people from using Vista. And either way everyone will have to get Vista in a year if they want to use the latest programs and games.

jimmyrcom: You're a moron. Show me one benchmark that says Vista is faster than XP. Say "google x and you'll find the benchmark." THERE ISN'T ANY. Search "hardocp vista vs xp" and you'll know you're in DENIAL. Who is lying? Compatibility mode didn't work for any of the programs that had issues captain obvious. Compatibility mode isn't a new feature to Windows.

LegendaryGeneralC: Theres a little thing in Vista called Superfetch which puts your RAM to use in programs and speeds them up ;)

And calling me a moron for having a different Opinion? Thats just sad.

jimmyrcom: I mentioned super fetch retard. There's a tweak in XP to put the entire operating system in ram. Superfetch is only useful at the startup of the program, because after that it's in the memory anyway. Either way prefetch isn't that far off with a 7200+ hard drive.

You're a moron for calling me a liar, then lying. Check your facts moron.

LegendaryGeneralC: Well I'm sorry for calling you a liar. I have yet to find a tweak for XP that does that and really works and I was using facts I'm not lieing.

jimmyrcom: backup your facts with benchmark sites like I did and you can call them facts.

VoraciousV: i hate vista myself my stupid brother got it and shit but hes telling me that every single program in a year or so will only be compatible with vista...i guess hes right so what about that? is all the good programs gonna be only compatible with vista b/c if so that will suck...(msg me dont make a commment plz)

jimmyrcom: they won't, and no. DirectX 10 will only be for vista but direct X 9 works fine and the games are still compatible. Don't count on it making the game run faster.

feldm4n: I agree with this review totally. I have installed Vista and been tweaking it for five days,pointless. It is a big waste of time and performance. Vista does have a few nice areas to it but so far it is the suck! I recommend waiting for SP1 for Vista or waiting about five months after the SP1 Vista release. Mark this guys words and mine, VISTA SUCKS! I am not be biased just openly honest,as i am a PC Repair Tech.

feldm4n: One more comment DO NOT plan on transferring files on a network. IT IS POINTLESS! 20.1 gigs was said to take 12hours? Are you kidding me? It is so pathetic BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Im going crazy from it haha. Back to XP

bjhorton2005: no kidding, and xp and macs communicated well, I spent hours trying to get vista to communicate with my mac, and NO luck.

Gerro15A: xubuntu dot org great linux operating system grab the x86. (debian is not meant for normal users)

npetzold: I phukin love your rant... i died laughing... love the text while you talk shyt... all the info, so that i dont make that 500.00 dollar mistake.

thanks bud.

bjhorton2005: OMG on my brand new laptop, I keep getting a blue screen of death. Though VISTA does not have that!! yeah right.. :( It now just comes up "Your computer has experienced a HARDWARE malfunction, please contact your vendor." HAHA yeah right. that's code for, not our fault betch! .. wow. vista FTL

bjhorton2005: Windows Vista = Windows Shitsta

MaReAnS: omg i love u man hahahaha .. i like all ur videos .. nd i love how u did this video .. specially the firefox part hahahahaha .. good job bro ;)

CCmachine: readyboost is not any kind of innovation! it has been on Linux for years. just create a SWAP partition on the usb disk...

jimmyrcom: But that's for extending the memory isn't it? readyboost just caches commonly used applications so they open faster rather than providing access to virtual memory. It's still minimally useful unless you open applications a lot more often than you use them.

Ericvanvliet: What do you guys think... linux or OSX??

I have vista ultimate and im soo sick of it already

none of my hardware is compatible and even my video capture device isnt working and thats the MAIN REASON i use my computer!

so help me decide... OSX or LINUX?

i recently tried video editing on a mac and browsed the web and i kinda fell in love with the os...

jimmyrcom: Final Cut Pro rocks. Cinelerra is just as powerful on linux but might require a bit more to configure and install...

CPL337: god i hate vista! its so laggy! I have a E6600, 2gigs of ram, and a ATi 1950 pro, On xp i would get 60-150 FPS with max settings on 1680x1050 resolution, but after i put Vista on I've been getting 25-40fps!!!!! how the hell do i go from 150 fps to 25fps???? answer, VISTA!!!! ALSO it takes like 1min just to boot, xp would take 10 seconds! I also get the blue screen all the time, in the last 4 hours i've been on the computer its happend to me 3 times...

Right after i post this comment i am going to put XP on, i will keep my vista disk, but will most likely not use it untill i get a DX10 video card

DMXell: If you want to be memory efficient completely, I wouldn't use Firefox as your browser. It has one of the worst memory managements of them all.

As for Vista, yep, it sucks. Microsoft even said that it's got bugs, they just wanted to make money so they shipped it. And that's why I just bought a Mac instead which I am going to dual boot with XP for gaming.

donnielean: omfg ur the kind of dude that i love to hang out with lol ur funny........i love always being negitive with everything....lmfao u ROCK!!!

SpringScentedDouche: To solve your compatibility problems.....Dual Boot..Exactly what I am doing...I run games on XP Professional and Vista for videos, music, and encoding DVDs. P.S. I run Vista Ultimate x64, and it runs smoothly. Just have to search online to find some nice tweaks for Vista...Just like we had to do for XP when it came out...

jimmyrcom: worthless to dualboot vista with xp because vista is also faster at encoding dvds, playing music and videos. Just get winamp or something if you miss any type of Windows media player updates. Windows media player and real player are vulnerable for mp3s having macro viruses due to the way they parse data. It's not the case with winamp or media player classic.

ripcore1: now if i can only fix the network problum with steam on ubunto then i be linux only

neverlande: dont get a pc get a corndog!

common sence people... duh... way better!

xildavar: i would get window$ 3.1 before getting vista :D

deght: K... Well of course nothing is compaible Vista is very new. All the companies know that until the first service pack comes out most people will have XP. When the SP comes out, things like Fire Fox will be more compatible w/ Vista. Also the security features will be severly modified

deght: Ps. U guys know that miscrosoft OWNS the OS industry. But i must say that my next desktop WILL BE A MAC. I will admit Vista is a just a bugged version of Mac OSX.

xXxalexander07: im havin problems with my vista 2.. it wont let me use most of my software..:| im thinking of installing xp..

themaninthevan: welcome to the new age windows crap it's worser then ever OMG, microsoft want your money

Zejna90: Man I had vista too and all of the hings YOU SAID in the video! But I had some really crazy bugs like once when i closed IE it showed me an error that IE stoped working for an unknown reason.JEEESUUUS!!! I'm so damn happy I have XP now!!

farial113: 100% on ur side man. stupid microsoft. argh!!! just a piece of crap.

dnazboy: i luv microsoft buttt vista iz confusing to me

stargateiscoolio: Vista sucks so much. It took so long because Microsoft needed more time to keep on trying to copy Apple.
BTW, vista runs SLOWER than XP.

SqueakyGibson: I'm not very technical about computers, so I just ordered a new one from a pre-build manufacturer. Of course it will come with Vista. I don't know how to feel. I'll probably try to make it behave as much like XP as possible. There's a few great programs I know I'll lose due to incompatibility (Zoom player is my favourite media player, such a shame). But lets see how it goes.

I think being extremist is stupid. Too pro-MS, or too anti-MS, both make people sound like idiots.

BloodySword1987: I don't have ever seen Vista but I knew that it is incompatible with EVERYTHING. People who told me that they are going to buy a new PC, I said "I come to you and I'll varporing Vista and replace it with the good (old) XP SP2! Your PC is then 4x faster! If you take you mouse the mous is speeding away xD!"...

NIN1385: If the programmers had half a mind you wouldn't need to do this in the first place. It is horrible, eats resources. Makes the hardware vendors sell newer products, they are all in each others pockets.  Wake up and get linux, or mac. I prefer linux.

jimmyrcom: thank you captain obvious. Compatibility mode isn't new to vista, XP had it too and it was pretty useless with XP too. By all benchmarks vista is slower, more incompatible and more buggy. Get over your denial

judenihal: I feel very sorry to hear you in stress and frustration. I have to aggree with you on what you say, because I know that theres something wrong with the operating system. It is Slow and Incompatible. Hopefully they will go away in the future but Microsoft has done a bad job by making it take up a lot of resources, forcing you to buy new computers and stuff. My opinion. You buy a basic vista computer, put xp professional on it, you have a fast computer for under 200 dollars.

z3f0n3: Vista is bugged - worms have been found to exploit vulnerability in cmd

clevm002: it must be an american thing coz all the people who i no who have vista including my slef love it, its faster than XP and i did not buy a new vista PC i just upgraded and its faster and all my friends thing so to. And FGS if its that bad y would they sell it ITS FRIKING WINDOWS PEOPLE! they no what they are doing. From a snobby britain. XD! Americans complain about everything new oh, and they are fat said my mate PETE behind me XD!

imakillabitch: Tell pete he is right. :S its scary.

emeek77: Windows is hugely confusing compared to os x. i have both and vista is a joke.

imakillabitch: i would have recorded that but.... ROFLMAO

mattvang13: lol you sound super pissed but thanks i was just about to install Vista...yeah...dont do that me

jediknight122089: This is why there WILL BE so many switchers to Macs, because Vista is something Microsoft tried to rip off Apple so i'm sorry either stick with the XP and wait for some shitty "service pack" for Vista or get a real OS: Mac OS X

emeek77: windows even put an aqua bubble around the windows logo. A total os x rip off. Os x interface is aqua and has been for years.

Johmari174: i dont care what any of u noobs say but vista is the best os out there...its nice and smooth..mac is just so boring

jimmyrcom: you're drugged. xp is faster by all benchmarks. do you want a computer that runs fast or are you that easily distracted by shiny objects

majinpvegeta: lol I tried Vista on my Virtual PC. Vista sucks balls! I cant figure out where all my shit is. Msconfig is all weird. My friend has vista on his laptop I told him to remove it. And I highly doubt vista is more secure. Be kinda cool to get that Aero shit on XP.. maybe u can who knows :P

Violence1987: lol good video, I downloaded vista ultimate about 2 weeks ago then did some research and my mate also said dont install it thankfully i didn't

lollyhole: it doesn't matter about software incompatibilities and hi-end hardware requirement(since it's the news os anyway).HOWEVER,what bugged me from buying vista EVER is that STUPID DRM features.God,my Beatles album doesn't even work with it.That's it I'm gonna move to mac and triple boot osx,ubuntu and xp(for gaming) and show some support to Apple.Thank goodness Steve Jobs had finally released the DRM music so I can play music in my ubuntu while programming with freedom.Apple and GNU FTW.

lollyhole: Oops sorry there's an error in my previous comment.What I mean is "THANK GOODNESS That Steve Jobs released a "DRM-FREE" music.Fuh,done!

lollyhole: apple is an open source supporter!;)

jimmyrcom: Comments have been disabled due to ignorant idiot 13 year old halo freaks that think vista is faster. Google "harocp vista vs XP" to see vista is way slower than XP and more incompatible. If you're easily distracted by shiny objects, rather than wanting your computer to go fast and actually work, circle jerk yourselves in vista forums instead.