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Maybe a tutorial about basic PHP? Then a follow up with more advanced PHP? - written by chemicaljordan
Votes: 16Status: Denied

Answer: Already on the requested list.

Hey Jimmy Could you make a tutorial on how you made the pixel name at the begining of some of your videos? I think it is a cool graphic :D. - written by nibbler66
Votes: 6Status: Denied

Answer: It's advanced flash. It would take me an 2 hours to explain and people still wouldn't get it.

How to Install Mac OSX on a PCWindows XP Machine!?? it is Legit as well when u use an original software so dont worry about that Jimmy! were waiting... :] - written by eladbari
Votes: 5Status: Denied

Answer: I don't have OSX to show you that.

can you please show us how to do more functions on the internet using the psp? - written by tr3wqyou
Votes: 4Status: Denied

Answer: I don't own a psp.

can you show us how to upload more than 100MB on youtube - written by stupedvideos
Votes: 4Status: Denied

Answer: You can't.

Please make a tutorial about video editing programs on a mac please - written by Razor74a
Votes: 3Status: Denied

Answer: I don't have a mac. Google search final cut pro tutorials or mac editing and you'll find plenty of info.

could you show a Tutorial on downloading videos from divx stage 6. the ebsite is - written by isaak
Votes: 3Status: Denied

Answer: Not a subscriber.

Hey Jimmy Can you please make a vid on how to get free porn. I'm being 100 serious on this I don't have money to be spending on porn sites and most of the "Free Sites" that I seem to find are all bs Just looking for money. Please make a vid or email me some links. - written by despisedeathfu
Votes: 2Status: Denied

Answer: Ask in chat rooms or something there's a lot of users under 18. Even if they wouldn't care a lot of the adults watching would find it distasteful to post something like that were there's often many kids.

I've seen many of your videos demonstrating emulators and websites to download games from. I would like for you to make a video tutorial on how to backup playstation one games to your computer. And if you don't mind could you also recommend a program that could do this on OS X? - written by owen0334
Votes: 2Status: Denied

Answer: Sorry as far as Mac I don't know much. Macs aren't really gamer-friendly. Unless you really really like woz's breakout.

2 diff videos... one for threshold in photoshop other for some cool effects in photoshop ty in advance - written by thgster11
Votes: 2Status: Denied

Answer: already requested a quintillion times

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