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Hey mate if you have the inspiration and time to make a tutorial about HTML or how to make your own website... choosing domains and etc. you got the point. Cheers - written by noroger
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Answer: The how to make a website from scratch video is done.

Hi man! I love your tutorials! They are great. BUT! It's missing something... Can you do a tutorial on how to speed up the internet connection through a LAN connection?Thanks!PeaceEddie - written by EDsGAMES
Votes: 19Status: Answered

Answer: Usually libraries, colleges and schools either cap their connection or distribute the bandwidth equally. You can't.

hey jimmy. Can you make a tutorial on the many uses of the CMD prompt.i only know a few basic ones but i really would like to know more of the serious stuff. - written by peiman50017
Votes: 15Status: Answered

Answer: Computerhope has a list of all dos commands with examples for each command.

Could you show some basic programming? I would just like to know some of the basics. - written by H2Glitch2007
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Answer: I made a video about berkeley webcasts which has introduction to programming courses.

I've seen your video on how windows (you should know wat i mean) sux horrid vs XP and i want to know how can i download a pirated windows XP because i have a similar problem and i cant find my windows XP disk. Please help. - written by NarutoRocks915
Votes: 7Status: Answered

Answer: Piracy is bad blah blah...don't condone..[ legal disclaimer here, etc ]. Mininova or thepiratebay

I was thinking how little programs are made are they like website codes and are they easy or hard if easy then is there a way i can make my own program and what tools are needed and how long will it take to make just one program and dose it take more than 1 person that being me! - written by hamidpotter2
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Answer: "little programs". You mean like flash games or something?

how do you get that picture at the start of your videos i would very much like to do that do you need a jpeg images or something thank you very much! - written by hamidpotter2
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Answer: I put the pic in the middle frame.

how do you get the picture on you videos because before i click the video it says something like. time equals 1:30 or something basically how did you change the image on the link picture! - written by hamidpotter2
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Answer: duplicate

How to change you IP address online. Thanks - written by Razor74a
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Answer: Use a pr[]xy or something. Your isp determines your IP and it's hard to spoof.

how do you make sideshows on virtuialdub because i have tried to do so like you did in your FAQ vid and i have watched your virtuial dub vids but i dont see how you made that slide show!thanks! - written by hamidpotter2
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Answer: I use donald graft's logo filter. You can specify which frames you want to put a picture in.

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