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By any chance can you show us how we can put up our own website. - written by Boris
Votes: 681Status: Accepted

Answer: The how to make a website from scratch video is done.

Dear Jimmy can you teach any basic or intermediate php programming? Thank you. - written by Tophillious
Votes: 46Status: Accepted

Answer: Request accepted. PHP Tutorial: Installation and Basic PHP. I might add some more later on.

Hi I've heard of the program called Peerguardian 2 that should hold peers out of your computer.. But I'm not very sure of it and I hope you'll spend some time on it so we can see a toturial of it! Keep up the good work You're the man Mnpeden - written by Mnpeden
Votes: 18Status: Accepted

Answer: Request accepted. Peerguardian2 Block IPs from malicious organization like the RIAA

How do i rip instrumentals/vocals from a song? Is there software like that? - written by SandTiger
Votes: 17Status: Accepted

Answer: Request has been accepted.

How can I speed up BitorrentuTorrent downloads? - written by pimpsahoy1594
Votes: 12Status: Accepted

Answer: Request accepted. Speed Up Torrent Downloads

I have a problem my files video are to big so i cant email it to anyone because of the 20Mb limit . So can you do a tutorial about some good compression sofware andor Codecs? Or Any other way to do so? - written by kid9bomber
Votes: 8Status: Accepted

Answer: Request Accepted. Send Large Files by Email

Can I link to your website from my website? - written by derfman24
Votes: 2Status: Accepted

Answer: If you link to me I'd be extremely pleased.

Hi Jimmy! I just got an ipod and wanted it mostly for the fact i can put movies on it I have limewire and i find SOME mp4's but most are mpg's mpeg's avi's etc etc I search ipod video converter into google but I CANNOT FIND ONE! Pleease give a tutorial for ipod converter(s) i would be so grateful!!! If you can't post a tutorial for any reason then please help me out by sending me a message on youtube. Thanks alot! Me - written by 0Linerider0Forever0
Votes: 1Status: Accepted

Answer: Howto convert any media file to any file.

Expect a video tutorial soon on windows batch files and how they're useful. - written by JimmyRcom
Votes: 0Status: Accepted

Answer: Tutorial has been created.

Expect a video tutorial soon about wget.exe and how you can bulk download files and even use it as a download manager to continue interrupted downloads. - written by JimmyRcom
Votes: 0Status: Accepted

Answer: Finished. Wget Video Tutorial

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