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Uploading videos longer than 10 minutes in youtube - written by 99angelmunoz99
Votes: 61Status: Pending   Reason: New
Hey Jimmy I'd like to see some tips for Windows (XP) for intermediate/expert users to improve speed efficiency or just coolness. - written by MiscellaneousP
Votes: 60Status: Pending   Reason: New
Not quite a tutorial but why not make a short video little about yourself and your history? I am interested where you learn to do all this cool stuff. Thanks! - written by a012345
Votes: 60Status: Pending   Reason: New
Hey I was wondering how I can put software on a cd. I downloaded this program off of the internet and I'm getting a new computer. So I need to use the cd to download it onto the new computer. Thanks and LOVE your videos - written by StarvMarv
Votes: 58Status: Pending   Reason: New
please show me how to make firefox use less ram - written by wtfisonyourface
Votes: 53Status: Pending   Reason: New
hello i need help removing Microsoft newest operating system and want to install Windows XP Again - written by tempipas
Votes: 50Status: Pending   Reason: New
Hey Jimmy I'm just wondering what programs you use to keep your computer clean through everyday use. Virus & spy ware etc. Maybe even some good registry cleans. Fleshwarlord - written by Fleshwarlord
Votes: 48Status: Pending   Reason: New
Jimmy Can you teach us basic website design - written by bebich00
Votes: 47Status: Pending   Reason: New
Hi Jimmy How can I burn a DVD from a movie I downlaoded using a torrent? I have a DVD burner but it won't allow me to burn the DVD file. - written by slc139
Votes: 45Status: Pending   Reason: New
how to make make a cam studio movie and edit it on windows movie maker and upload it to youtube - written by devandev
Votes: 41Status: Pending   Reason: New

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